In the case that you’re a watch enthusiast or have a watch that you have nostalgic feelings for, you’re probably going to want to keep that watch going and looking it’s best for the foreseeable future. With a couple of insightful maintenance and upkeep tips, you can make your watch stay look new forever! You should simply take some additional care and have it serviced once in a while in order to keep it looking it’s best.

Try not to Wear it for Certain Activities

Some of the more expensive watches are made to withstand a wide range of activities and temperatures. Be that as it may, this doesn’t really mean that you should wear the watch in every single circumstance. Swimming generally includes being in water with chemicals in it, and this could affect the finish of some watches. A few watches aren’t waterproof by any stretch of the imagination, and ought to be taken off before you swim, bathe, or shower. In contrast to this, some watches are waterproof but only to a certain amount of meters. You have to make sure that your watch is able to withstand your chosen activity before wearing it. Wearing a watch while exercising is generally alright, however you have to think about whether your watch will be able to withstand getting sweaty. It might likewise get scratched in case you’re using weights and machines. Use common sense and maybe have a less expensive watch for working out in.

Take it for a Buffing On Occasion

In the event that your watch has been scratched over time, you can take it for buffing to smooth them out and make it look less worn. By doing this every now and again then you’ll prevent your watch from looking old and worn.

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Have it Serviced if you can

The is no doubt that getting your watch serviced by the original manufacturer is one of the ultimate ways to get your watch looking as good as new. However, this can be extremely expensive to do and can mean you can be without your watch for a few months.

Keep it Wound

If you don’t wear a quality watch for a long period of time it will stop ticking. It’s a good idea to keep your watch so that you don’t risk damaging it over the long term. If you aren’t wearing your watch, ensure you wind it up from time to time. Some watches wind them selfs when they’re on the wearers watch due to movement and this can be mimicked with some watch boxes that have a spinning motion and keep your watches wound when not wearing them.

Change your watch strap

You don’t need to change the watch strap, yet it can surely give a watch another lease of life and make it look new once more. Changing the strap could affect the resale value of your watch though so be sure to also keep the original strap or bracelet. This means if you want your watch to be a collector’s item in the future I’d recommend keeping the strap or bracelet original. If that doesn’t worry you and you want a different look for your watch maybe changing the strap is a good thing to try! It can make your watch look far different if you do want to change it and make a huge fashion statement.

Protect it When Not being used

When you aren’t wearing your watch ensure you protect it. You can purchase proper watch boxes, or you can just keep it in the box it came in. Try not to keep it with different bits of jewellery in case they scratch your watch.


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