As we all know, any physical activity is great, however, some activities are better for you than others. Tennis happens to be one of the best sports for your health for a variety of reasons.

tennis player

On the off chance that you require some convincing or need to know why those players at Wimbledon are in such great shape, continue reading this blog to see some of our favourite reasons for taking up tennis.

Lose Body Fat

Tennis positively keeps you on your toes, and all that running and swinging definitely helps players shed a few pounds off your waistline. Get yourself a really competitive rival who will keep you jumping and moving around the court, and you’ll be burning off several calories an hour (up to 600 for a man and 450 for a lady). Your body, and closet will certainly thank you for it.

Mind Booster

Tennis requires fast, inventive thinking, and all these rapid thought processes mean that the neurons in your brain are being fired around at with some serious speed. Much like a playing a game of chess, you have to think strategically and prepare: where will your rival hit the ball, how hard and what tactic will they use? Changing the manner in which you utilize your brain power can also help with your intellectual ability in other areas such as, memory, behaviour and attention.

Improve Your Mood

Any proper exercise will help enhance your mood through the release of endorphins, and aerobic exercises like tennis are especially great at doing this by relieving stress and helping with the reduction of symptoms of depression. Furthermore, you’ll feel better partaking in some quality exercise, which can enhance your self-confidence and even provide the inspiration to proceed with a healthy way of life.

Decrease Health Risks

In the western world, heart disease is one of the greatest killers, and more often than not it very well may be evaded by keeping up a healthy way of life, including a nutritious diet and dynamic exercise routine. Aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping can help keep the chances of getting heart disease and high blood pressure to a minimum. Burning around 2,000 calories weekly can help diminish the danger of getting heart disease by up to a third, which means that only a couple of hours of tennis each week can radically enhance your chances of not getting heart disease.

Enhance Co-ordination

Hand-eye co-ordination is essential to tennis. It’s no use having a good technique if you aren’t able to predict where the ball is going to be. Similarly, being an eagle-eyed player won’t help in the event that you miss the ball each time it arrives in your side of the court. Luckily, playing tennis can enable you to sharpen your co-ordination ability, as you should figure out how to move into the right position quickly so as to get the ball. Your balance will likewise improve because of this as you become more in tune with your body.


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